Small Balance
Now Funding up to $7.5M
Sabal’s Small Balance CRE Term Lending Program combines the power of innovative technology with world-class real estate and finance professionals to provide our network of brokers outstanding small balance loan programs and accelerated loan processing from origination to closing.
Our small balance programs provide financing for the acquisition or refinance of small balance loans (SBLs), providing liquidity, stability and certainty of execution to the affordable rental housing market nationwide using hybrid ARM or fixed-rate loan products, offering partial-term and full-term interest only loans.
SNAP™ is our secure online platform providing a simplified, efficient and transparent process for the origination, underwriting and funding of small balance commercial real estate loans. SNAP™ provides our brokers with the ability to better serve their borrowers with instant access to loan status in real-time, at any time, from anywhere.

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* Across all Sabal Lending Programs

Loan Terms 20 Year Hybrid ARM with initial 5-, 7-, or 10 year fixed rate period 5-, 7-, or 10-year fixed-rate mortgage
AMORTIZATION Up to 30 years
INTEREST ONLY Partial interest-only available
Full-term interest-only on case by case basis
ELIGIBLE PROPERTIES Conventional multi-family housing with five residential units or more. Mixed use subject to limitations.
LOAN AMOUNTS $1 millon - $6 million (up to $7.5 million in top and standard markets for certain properties)
LOAN PURPOSE Acquisition or Refinance (Cash Out Available)
1.25x Standard
1.30x Small
1.40x Very Small
MAXIMUM LTV 80% available in Top and Stardard Markets
RECOURSE Non-recourse with standard carve-out provisions
SPONSOR FINANCIALS Net worth equal to or exceeding loan amount Liquidity equal to or greater than 9 months P&I prior to closing
RESERVES Non-recourse with standard carve-out provisions
CREDIT Minimum FICO score of 650
OCCUPANCY Minimum 90% occupancy of units for 90 days prior to underwriting
TAX & INSURANCE ESCROWS Real estate tax escrow not required for transactions with 65% LTV or less Insurance escrows deferred
REPLACEMENT RESERVE ESCROWS Subject to underwriting conclusions and PCA

Freddie Mac Multifamily helps ensure an ample supply of affordable rental housing by purchasing and securitizing mortgages on apartment buildings nationwide. Freddie Mac purchased more than $47 billion in multifamily mortgages in 2015, the majority of which were securitized, thus transferring the vast majority of the expected credit risk from taxpayers to private investors.

When it comes to multifamily finance, Freddie Mac gets it done. Now offering standard loan limits of $1 million to $6 million in all markets, and up to $7.5 million in top and standard markets for certain properties.

  • Choice and Flexibility – Six fixed-rate and hybrid ARM loans
  • Unbeatable Terms – Interest-only, coupon pricing and declining prepayments
  • Ingenuity – In-market experts craft creative solutions on single and pooled loans
  • Fast and Simple – Streamlined, quote to close
  • Commitment to Service – A partner for the life of your loan